McNeal Returns From Visit at UL

McNeal Returns From Visit at UL

Oxford High WR DeShaun McNeal traveled down to the University of Louisiana for an official visit this weekend after committing to the Ragin'Cajuns in December. McNeal spoke with the Cajun Redzone about his first look at the campus.

DeShaun McNeal didn't know what to expect on his first visit to Louisiana and the campus of UL, but one he hit the city limits things started to look promising.

"I slept most of the way done," DeShaun stated. "When I woke up we were on the bridge and all I could see was swamp and water. I really didn't know what to think, but I was kind of hoping the school wouldn't be way out here around the swamp. Once he hit the city, I really started to feel a lot better about my surroundings."

Once on campus, what did DeShaun think about the school?

"I was surprise about the size of the campus and some of the buildings," said McNeal. "We toured the facilities and the dorms, everything looked great. I really didn't think the school was that big and spread out. The athletic complex is real close to everything else and the dorms."

DeShaun McNeal's player host on his visit was wide receiver Darryl Surgent.

"Darryl Surgent was my player host on my visit," DeShaun stated. "We talked about the university environment and he said this town was really great. He said the main thing about playing college football were working hard all the time and going at it full speed. There are no shortcuts, just preparation and hard work."

McNeil had the opportunity to meet some of the other athletes in the program as well Saturday night.

"Darryl introduced me to Yobes Walker, Rico Joseph, James Butler and Ladarius Green," said McNeal. "They all seem to be good guys and made me feel like I was part of the team now. I felt like this was the place me to go to college and play football; meeting some of the team and talking with the coaches just reinforces my decision to commit to UL."

DeShaun had the opportunity to talk with coach Johnson about the offense in the meetings with the staff.

"Coach Johnson told us that they are going to run a fast pace spread offense," DeShaun stated. "It will be no huddle and they want to press the defense as much as possible. He said everything we will do in the offseason will be fast paced to prepare us for the upcoming football season." Recommended Stories

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